5 Nations That Have Cat Superstitions And Stars That May Shock You

Many people know a few superstitions about kitties. Like many of you, I’m a bit of a ‘trivia’ dork and over the years most of the cat trivia that I have study that has centred around our cat buddies has been pretty foreseeable and much of it is based on whether dark kitties are fortunate or unlucky

While exploring cat superstitions lately, I came across a few blocks that I thought I would reveal to you.


In old Japanese people tradition it was said that if a cat had a dark indicate on it’s back then this was an indicator that the spirit of an ancestor was existing and the dark indicate was regarded as holy.

You may have seen the common picture of the Japanese people Bobtail cat with it’s front side paw introduced up. This was seen as a signal of best of fortune in Japanese people tradition.

Cat fans will be satisfied to know that our cat buddies in Asia are also regarded as being get rid of epilepsy and fights of despair as well!


In French tradition it was regarded as being best of fortune when anyone observed a cat sneezing.


During the Center Age groups, clay kitties were placed on the rooftops off France houses to keep of wicked mood.Interestingly, there are still many houses in France that still have clay kitties on their rooftops.

It has also been regarded incredibly fortunate in France to find a dark cat with a single white-colored hair.


In Belgium there is a story that informs us of a team of kitties pursuing seeing stars next to a lake.The vibrant kitties drop into the lake and the kitten’s mom remains weeping at the side of the lake looking helplessly on.

The willow plants next to the lake started to dip their divisions so that the small kitties could hold the divisions and evade their certain death.

Now, according to this wonderful Enhance story, every spring that the fuzzy pals on a willow division appear it symbolizes the kitties being stored and holding to the willow divisions and are now generally known as ‘pussy willows’


The Soviets have an old story in tradition that declares that when a new cat is introduced house if it is then tossed on a bed and continues to calm down then the cat is regarded to have found and made the house it’s house and will be satisfied to stay around.

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