Factors to Get a Second Cat

People usually think of kitties as loners that don’t invest a time around others of their type and therefore would not welcome discussing their house with another cat. However, this isn’t absolutely the situation. There are unique excellent things about having two or more kitties discussing the same house but also some terms of warning too.

Balancing it up

The first thought if considering about getting a second cat is that it needs to be appropriate for your present cat. There needs to be enough area in the house for both to run around and perform as well as have their own ‘space’ when they want some time alone. The kitties should be suitable up actually – so both of the same dimension to prevent prospective violence issues.

There are obvious gains advantage from the public connections available when a cat stocks the house with another. They can have fun with each other and the psychological activation of another cat is better than anything provided from toys and games or cat furnishings. Nothing is more fun than a activity of pursuit around the house! It can also decrease their dependancy on their individuals entrepreneurs somewhat because they can consider each other for interest when you are not around, such as in the nighttime.

It can even mean that the cat will be better than before, though kitties are automatically very fresh creatures. Cats will sometimes bridegroom each other in those difficult to achieve areas such as the hearing and help each other out.


There are a number of prospective issues to consider when getting a second cat. There is such something as ‘cohabitation anxiety’ that is possible if the kitties don’t get along, especially if they are very different actually or in character. It can also be a problem if the first cat is mature and has resided alone for a lengthy period then immediately has a young cat forced onto them. It can take as much as annually for kitties to choose if they like each other or not.

For an mature women cat, a cat is an excellent coordinate, as she will often take on the mothering part. For an mature cat that is relaxed, sometimes they can become familiar with a young cat how to act and act so this can also perform. The perfect coupling is two kitties of the same age who may perform together and become adults together.


Introducing the new cat to the old cat can be challenging and must not have a hurried plot. There are various content with different techniques concerning how to do this but whatever technique you use, make sure to allow the kitties area to get away from each other. You will also need two of everything important such as kitty trash containers and meals containers to quit the feeling that the things is associated with one cat and not the other. Lastly, don’t anticipate them to really like each other immediately – it may be that they never become buddies and merely understand to accept each other with the casual battle because this is just cat behavior.

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